Redondo Beach 4 Wheel Parts Store Ushers in Google Virtual Tour

Feb 15, 2013   //   by admin   //   Company News  //  No Comments

The 4 Wheel Parts Redondo Beach store recently debuted its Google Maps Business Photo feature, a virtual tour of the showroom displaying the entire layout and allowing users navigability to zoom in or out. The interactive tour is accessible from the Google Maps page and includes high resolution images of products for off-road vehicles. Online users can enter the service facilities to see 4x4s being worked on and get a sense of the particular location’s premises.

Reaction to the novel online feature has been positive. “A customer came in the store and told me he’d checked out the layout on Google and saw we had the winch he was looking for,” says Erik Bauhofer, Redondo Beach 4 Wheel Parts Store Manager. “People seem to like the new online feature.” 4 Wheel Parts has already made the virtual tours available for 22 of its 59 store locations and more are being included. Competitors like Pep Boys are currently not offering Google Virtual tours of their locations.

Google Virtual Tours are ideal for conveniently accessing a brick and mortar store online. Users can zoom in and out, and navigate 360⁰ to interact with a store space and examine products. Images show up on Google in searches, maps, and Google+ and can be embedded on business websites and social media pages.