Ready To "Rock" Your Career With Us?

TransAmerican Auto Parts ("TAP Worldwide"; aka and others) is the leader in the off-road automotive aftermarket. That means we have a thing for trucks, Jeeps, and anything else that can climb, crawl, jump, or race through the dirt. We operate in 17 States and 4 Provinces in Canada, with 63 retail stores, 5 U.S. distribution centers, and over 1,300 of the best employees in our industry.

This job will offer a wide range of benefits, including: medical & dental insurance; 401(k) Plan; paid holidays; paid vacation; paid sick time; employee discounts and employee purchase program; and many other perks (benefit plans may vary, depending upon the state/province in which a position is based).

When you work with us, you’ll be challenged – and rewarded!


Customer Service Agent

Location: Compton, CA

Database Manager

Location: Compton, CA

Ecommerce Data Analyst

Location: Compton, CA

ERP Systems

Location: Compton, CA

Graphic Designer

Location: Compton, CA

Lead UI Designer

Location: Compton

Merchandiser/Product Specialist

Location: Compton, CA

Pricing Analyst

Location: Compton, CA


Location: Los Angeles/Compton


Location: Dallas Region


Location: Columbiana, Ohio region

Sales/Tech/Customer Service Rep

Location: Compton, CA

SEM Specialist (PPC)

Location: Compton, CA

Senior Demand Planner

Location: Compton, CA

Shop Foreman – Sacramento

Location: Sacramento, CA

Shop Technician – Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA

Shop Technician – Denver

Location: Denver, CO

Shop Technician – El Cajon

Location: El Cajon, CA

Shop Technician – Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Shop Technician – Houston 2

Location: Houston 2, TX

Shop Technician – Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Shop Technician – Marietta

Location: Marietta, GA

Shop Technician – Oklahoma City

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Shop Technician – Seattle

Location: Seattle, WA

Shop Technician – Westminster

Location: Westminster, CO

Shop Technician – All Other Locations

Location: All Other Locations

Transportation Manager

Location: Compton, CA